Papillon Rebelle x Fab Le Frique


Name: Frederique Bos

Age: 28

Profession: Fulltime Online Creative


” I’m a dog mommy born and raised in Heelsum, a village in the forrest near to Arnhem. My father still lives in that area and I love it there. I’m currently live in Leiden. Which is a beautiful city to live in. It’s located nearby the coast line, I love take my dog Popcorn for walks there. We live in the heart of Leiden and it’s just so cute and petit, which reminds me of the little old streets in Amsterdam. At the end of this year I’m moving to NYC, which make me feel so happy and lucky at the same time.

I have a degree in law, but decided to do something totally different in live and became online influencer. I LOVE  to create beautiful images! And I do have a big love for my adorable dog and my incredible boyfriend, they’re both my everything.

Happiness and passion motivates me, living and being happy along the way is my biggest goal in life. Besides that I’d say I’m a change maker. I like to live by example and that’s one of the reasons I’ve turned vegan.

At the moment I’m most proud that I’ve overcome my eating disorder.


Tulum! I’ve currently visited this place in Mexico, it’s incredibly beautiful. ‘A must see’ if you like good plantbased food, tiny boutique hotels on the beach and  if you are not afraid of animals. 😉 


I go for the La Mer Treatment Lotion, the Guerlain BB-cream and the Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Lotion. Starting off with the latter as a basis, cause you’re skin needs to be properly exfoilated before doing anything with it. Then after use the La Mer Treatment Lotion, which is supposed to be used as a product before you apply your moisturizer or serum. I however tend to use it on its own, after exfoliation, to bring back the moisture in my skin. Lastly, the Guerlain BB-cream, which has been my go-to ‘foundation’ for over 5 years now. Never got my hands on a better one!

Sisley’s newest fragrance ‘Izia’, which smells very flowery and feminine is my favorite fragrance at the moment. Another of my all time favorite is one of Tom Ford’s signature line. Unfortunately I forgot the name of that one. But better make sure you Google it!


Exfoliation is key! If you ask me, you can’t do anything with your skin in terms of skincare without unclogging those damn pores and getting rid of the dried patches around your nose and mouth.


I have a few style muses, including Pernille Teisbaek, Chiara Ferragni, Negin Mirsalehi, and our Dutch Glamour Fashion Editor Stephanie Broek. Just check out their Instagram accounts and you’ll understand why!

My style in one sentence? Classy but sassy and comfy but interesting.


My favorite shopping spots are the Acne store in Stockholm, Stella McCartney in New York City and Urban Outfitters in Berkeley. The first one because it was exactly there, that I fell in love with the Acne Studios brand. The second one, because I bought my first designer bag in that store. The last one, because I went there all the time during my time at law school in the US.

My wining & dining spots:

Again: Tulum, Mexico and then especially the Raw Love restaurant over there! They have the most incredible Pad Thai and all of their smoothie bowls are absolutely delicious.

And you can always wake me up for a salad bowl with chickpeas, fresh coriander, lime and lots of cooked and raw veggies.

On my bucket list? That’s definitely Australia! During my studies I’ve met SO many amazing Australian people, I would love to visit them all one day!


That’s the fun and editorial-wannabe girl you see in my fashion style.

Sometimes when I’m taking my dog for a walk, I’m probably still wearing an outfit that looked incredible on Instagram, but certainly is a little overdone for a walk with Popcorn.”


Frederique is wearing the Papillon Plissé Mint. Get yours here

You can check me out on Instagram @fablefrique