Papillon Rebelle x Sneakers and Smoothies

Papillon Rebelle x Sneakers and Smoothies


Name: Marjolien van den Broek

Age: 29  

Profession: Owner Team Unicorn, Marketeer, Blogger


” I like to do everything in life. Which is not possible. I know. But I try to. That’s why I have my own t-shirt brand (together with the cute ass Roos Mulder), a blog and do several marketing and copywriting assignments in between. I love telling stories, so I try to do so with the short articles on my blog, via the t-shirts and via kick ass brands such as Red Bull, Amsterdam Fashion Week and HORNBACH. Jup, might not sound so sexy, but working for HORNBACH is one of my fave things to do!

If I have to choose between, a drifter, dancer, sun worshipper, risk taker, dreamer, lover, believer or change maker? I think I’m a dancer, dreamer and lover. I like to dance through life as it is at the moment, I like to dream about all that is possible and I like to love. Lots. I’m by the way also a thinker, which sometimes cloudens the above. But that’s ok. In the end you can’t always dance. Your feet will start to hurt. You have to sit down, relax and think about life every now and then… It’s all about balance in the end. At least, that’s what I believe. 🙂

I was born in Veghel, Brabant. A nice little village where I felt very safe. But it was also about the only place I knew. Untill I started studying. And as I already pointed out: I’m ‘I want it all kinda girl’ so I had to see what the rest of The Netherlands, let alone the world, had to offer. I’ve been living in Amsterdam for a while now and what I love most is the energy, the creativity, the fact that there’s something for everyone in it AND the pink skies when the sun goes down! Oh how I love the pink skies.

I would love to live in Sydney or LA. I have lived in Sydney for 2 months about seven years ago, when I just graduated. The sunshine state of mind is to be felt here very well, but at the same time you feel the rush that only a big city can have. Same goes for LA. That’s probably why that one’s also on my list…”


– What motivates you?

Wow. That’s a good one. I think in the end love, happiness, joy. That’s what we all do it for I guess.

– What are you most proud of?

Another tough cookie to crumble. Uhm. Let’s see. I think I’m most proud of who I am becoming and the fact that I’m not a quiter and that I just go for whatever it is I believe in.


” I would really, really, really love to go to South Africa! I love it when in a vacation things come together: Nature, good food, beach and citylife. I think South Africa is the perfect destination for this.


I’m not very good with beauty buys. I guess my Bobby Brown red lipstick and pencil are the best purchases of this last year. I really like to wear it, that’s for sure. Oh and also my brush from Kruidvat. I don’t know why, but this €2,99 brush just does wonders to my hair…

Miss Dior is my favorite fragrance at the moment. I have always worn Dior perfumes. First J’adore, now Miss Dior. There’s a sweet freshness in it without it smelling like a candy store…


Haven’t got any. So sorry. Oh wait. I do have one: Don’t do too much! I will always choose no make-up over too much. And try to not wear anything every now and then. Sometimes you discover beauty in things you never knew were that pretty to you.


I really like the style of Blake Lively. But that can also just be her smile, hair, skin, eyes. Hello #girlcrush!. I guess I don’t really have a style icon, I just really like a good Brooklyn meets Paris look; cool, effortless, tough, though girly. I guess cities and real people inspire me more then celebs.
My style in one sentence? Boy meets girl. So kick-ass bikerboots with a cute dress or some jeans with loose hair and a red lipstick. That kinda styling. I like it to clash.


Of course 😉 To get an awesome, eco, fairly made unicorn t-shirt. But besides that I guess that Maje, Sandro and Essentiel are my faves at the moment. But if I have to pick 3 favorite spots it would be Zara, Massimo Dutti and Mango.


I love Georgette (Amsterdam) for lunch at the moment and if I want it a little more fancy The Pullitzer (Amsterdam) is the place to be if you’d ask me. Lot Sixty One is my fave coffee spot of all time. And I like Joe the Juice for a good fruity energie boost. In Berlin I discovered Roamers which was aaaamazing and my fave spot in New York is Buddhakan (the restaurant of the SATC rehearsal dinner), a hidden secret in Bangkok is Bunker (Michelin Food for a very generous price), the best Thai food in Amsterdam you get (in my opinion) at The Golden Brown and one more: breakfast at Divers in Antwerp is the best!

Oooh and you can always wake me up for pancakes. And a good smoothie. Nope, I kid you not.


I still really want to swim with dolphins (but only when they’re not caged and stuff), furthermore I would really love to live abroad for about a year or two. I would LOVE to run the New York marathon, but I’m not sure if I can with my knees. And business-wise: I’d like to do the marketing of some more awesome brands, travel the world for that and learn lots. Furthermore, I think I’ll just see what life brings 😉


A girl who wants it all even though she does know she can’t have it all. Or maybe she has got it all. That’s the mind fuck I’m trying to overcome day in, day out…”

Marjolein is wearing the Papillon Lace Noir. Get yours here.


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